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Signature Cells: High-potency cells for more effective treatment

A world leader in cell therapy & research

Treatments available for:


  • Orthopedic & sports injuries

  • Spine & disc injuries 

  • Inflammatory, immune, and related diseases

  • Neurological conditions

  • Chronic pain

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A global leader 

Backed by 22 years of clinically based research.

Our medical experts have studied at top institutions – with advanced degrees and collectively overseen thousands of stem cell transplants.



Industry-leading allogeneic Wharton jelly 

mesenchymal stem cells derived from umbilical cord (WJ-MSC) with high immunomodulatory potential and cytokine secretion.

Advanced treatment protocols

Proprietary protocols offering millions of cells 

are personalized for each patient for best possible outcome - based on each patient’s unique conditions.

Real people. Real results.

How cell therapy can change your life

Advanced Treatments and Therapies


A global leader in cell therapy and research


Backed by 22 years of clinically based cell science and research, BioXcellerator has successfully treated patients for sports and orthopedic injuries, spine and disc conditions, and other disorders.

Our scientists and physicians have also developed advanced immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory treatments, designed to improve your health, modulate your immune system, and potentially help you live a longer, more active life.

Our proprietary protocols for administering allogeneic Wharton jelly mesenchymal stem cells derived from umbilical cord (WJ-MSC) are personalized for each patient for the best possible success.

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Scientist with Test Tubes

High-potency cells for more effective treatment


Our advanced protocols include a rigorous selection process to culture highly potent MSC. These cells from Wharton’s Jelly from donated umbilical cords are carefully screened and purified to ensure you receive infusions of millions of high-quality cells with:

  • High levels of anti-inflammatory properties

  • Best potential to modulate your immune system

  • More potential to stimulate healing

Signature Cells Process helps create high-potency cells that work more quickly and effectively to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and regenerate damaged tissues.

Case Studies and Scientific References

BioXcellerator research and medical teams track outcomes
post-procedure to help improve our treatment protocols and patient outcomes.

Why Patients Choose BioXcellerator - A Global Clinic of Choice

Patient testimonials

Discover how cell therapy can improve

the quality of your life


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BioXcellerator Quality

The fundamentals of the BioXcellerator quality management system are based on the following regulations and standards for cell therapy, safety and infrastructure conditions:

CAT Standards for the Obtention, Processing, Storage and Distribution of Blood Umbilical cord.

INVIMA (the institution that fulfills the role of the FDA in Colombia) Standards: Good Practices for Tissue Banks and Bone Marrow.

FACT-JACIE International standards for the collection, processing and administration of hematopoietic cell therapy products.

ISO 14644: 2016 Standard Air quality in controlled environments.

ISO 9001: 2015 Standard Quality Management Systems.

Colombian resolution 2378 of 2008 Adoption of Good Clinical Practices for Research with Medicines in Humans (specifically for clinical research projects).

ASS-RSA-GU045 Clinical Investigation Medicine and Supplies Guide INVIMA.

ISSCR International Society for Stem Cell Research.

GMP Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products.

Enabling Standards under Colombian Resolution 2003 of 2014.

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