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WWE Champion Bobby Lashley says his “knees feel great” after cell therapy with BioXcellerator

"My knees feel great, my energy is better, and I recover more quickly from training. I’m 44 years old and was wondering if I could continue to go on in the WWE, but this has added a few more years to my career without a doubt.”
— Army veteran and WWE wrestling champion Bobby Lashley 

On the March 1, 2021 episode of WWE Raw, Bobby Lashley defeated The Miz to win the WWE Championship for the first time – telling the Denver Post, “It was surreal – probably one of the greatest moments in my career.” And in April 2021, Bobby defeated Drew McIntyre in to retain his WWE Championship.

As a well-known professional wrestler and mixed martial artist, Bobby Lashley debuted as a WWE contender back in 2005 and wrestled for three years before competing in mixed martial arts. He enjoyed an impressive 15-2 record over the next eight years.

But getting back into wresting and reaching the top had always been Bobby’s passion. Like many athletes, Bobby decided on cell therapy to relieve pain from ongoing injuries sustained over the years. In Bobby’s case, one knee injury from 2003 continued to cause pain. He sustained that injury when he was in a bank and armed robbers stormed in. He dived for cover to save his life, but a serious injury to his right knee required a bursectomy.

More cells of higher potency to improve patient outcomes

Although Bobby had received cell therapy in the U.S., he wasn’t satisfied with the results. In addition to chronic pain, Bobby also suffered symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). That’s a condition that results from a series of ongoing blows to the head or concussions sustained over many years – commonly seen in athletes such as NFL players, UFC fighters, and wrestlers, among others.

After hearing about BioXcellerator during a locker room conversation with fellow athlete Rey Mysterio, he learned that the quantity of cells infused in treatments at U.S. clinics is far lower than at clinics outside the U.S., so Bobby decided to travel to BioXcellerator’s state-of-the-art clinic in Colombia.

According to BioXcellerator CEO Eric Stoffers, “Our cells are formulated based on the body’s natural repair process. These cells help patients like Bobby heal old injuries, alleviate chronic pain throughout the body, and reduce inflammation that can delay recovery or even make symptoms worse.”  

“It’s also clear from our research that therapy with millions of highly potent cells can make treatment even more effective and improve patient outcomes,” he adds.

BioXcellerator’s proprietary protocol for harvesting and reproducing cells starts with a specific type of cell – mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from Wharton’s Jelly in donated umbilical cords. These cells are then tested for specific properties that indicate the best healing potential. Then only cells that pass this strict screening are then cultured and expanded into infusions of millions of high-potency cells.

“You don’t have to get old”

“I think it’s amazing. And I for what I do – fighting and professional wrestling, it’s not only necessary, but super necessary,” Bobby says. “A lot of guys look at me and say, ‘how can you do it?’ I say what a doctor told me, ‘You don’t have to get old.’ This is like turning back the hands of time!”

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