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Dallas Page says after cell therapy with BioXcellerator, “I felt better almost immediately!”

Dallas Page received treatment for shoulder injuries, herniated discs (degenerative disc disease), chronic pain, health optimization and CTE.

As a Professional Wrestler for WCW, Diamond Dallas Page says, “At age 65, I wanted stem cells to prepare me for 85 or 95, maybe 105. That’s why I came to BioXcellerator.”

Dallas has suffered many injuries over his career, including rotator cuff syndrome as well as neck, back, and knee complications. He says that when he first thought about stem cell therapy, he wanted to get advice from those he could trust. 

“When I want advice like that, I go to my buddies,” Dallas says. “One of them, Kevin Nash, said a lot of great things about how this stuff works.”

“I really needed a lot of work to heal my shoulders, my back and my neck. When wrestling, just one match can cause the same impact as being in like 8 to 10 car accidents — and that’s one match! But after treatment, I feel a whole lot better than when I got here,” he adds.

Cells to heal injuries and relieve severe pain

Kevin Nash told Dallas that based on his own experience getting treatment for degenerative disc disease in the spine, cells regenerate damaged tissue to promote healing and reduce chronic pain.

According to BioXcellerator Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Karolynn Halpert, “Dallas had significant damage in both shoulders, bone tissue damage, and other issues.”

“Cells work based on the body’s natural repair processes,” she adds, “The body uses cells to regenerate any type of tissue, but cell production declines as we age so giving the body extra cells provides more resources the body can use to promote healing.”

She also explains that BioXcellerator's cells are special type of cell. Based on a proprietary protocol, a specific type of cell — mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are harvested from the Wharton’s Jelly in donated umbilical cords. Then these cells are screened for properties that indicate high potency. Then only those cells are cultured and expanded into infusions of millions of high-potency cells for treatment.

Rapid results: “Just three hours”

“Within three hours I could move my shoulder with much less pain and a lot more mobility,” Dallas says after his treatment.

“After all, being a professional wrestler you can’t fake gravity -- and I’m so in tune with my body now. It feels so much better,” he adds.

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