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MMA and professional wrestler Frank Mir says every day since cell therapy, he feels “better and better.”

“As a professional fighter for 20 years, injuries were starting to slow me down, but after cell treatment from BioXcellerator and taking other steps to manage pain and inflammation, my shoulders have not felt this good in years!” says Frank Mir about the exceptional results of his cell treatments.

Frank is an American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler who competes for Bellator MMA in the Heavyweight division – and also was a UFC fighter for 16 years. 

But all those fights left him with many injuries that caused chronic and lingering pain, yet he says that “each day since treatment, I've woken up feeling better and better,” adding that “cell therapy isn’t about just fixing injuries, but staying ahead of them.”

More treatments? “Absolutely!”

Frank explains that he started looking into cell therapy after learning of NFL quarterback Peyton Manning’s experience with cells. 

After a neck injury and surgery, Manning had been released by the Indianapolis Colts after more than a decade. As part of his treatment, Manning had received cells. Later, he signed with the Denver Broncos and helped the team win Super Bowl 50, making Manning the first starting quarterback ever to win the Super Bowl for more than one franchise.

Frank had also followed the exceptional treatment results of other BioXcellerator patients, including Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, and Kevin Nash.

He was treated for pain in his shoulders, knees, left ankle, and right hand and says he will “absolutely” be back for additional treatments.

According to BioXcellerator CEO Eric Stoffers, “Cell therapy works to ease pain by promoting healing based on the body’s natural repair process.”

BioXcellerator's cells are created from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from Wharton’s Jelly in donated umbilical cords. These cells are screened for specific biomarkers that indicate high potency and only those cells are purified and reproduced into millions of the most potent cells available.

“The best investment you can make”

“I’m impressed by the knowledge and experience here at BioXcellerator. It’s reassuring to know that you’re with people who have so much experience in this field,” Frank says.

Frank points out that taking care of one’s health is an essential priority explaining, “It’s strange to me that people think of this treatment as expensive. Cars are expensive, too, but your health is even more important so it’s the best investment you can make.”

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