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Leading neuropathic chiropractor Dr. Beau Hightower says night after treatment with BioXcellerator, “best I probably slept in 15 years.”

“Doctors here know exactly what they’re doing – I’m so impressed with the laboratory, the facilities, and the treatment.”
— Dr. Beau Hightower says after he visited BioXcellerator’s state-of-the-art clinic for cell treatment in Colombia.

As a neuropathic chiropractor, Dr. Hightower says that he heard about BioXcellerator “from a lot of great athletes that I’ve worked with in the past -- and it piqued my interest because I’m a former athlete myself.”

“I’ve really accrued a lot of damage over the course of my career both in athletics and working as a manual therapist,” he adds. He explains that he wanted cell treatment to help heal an autoinflammatory disease and a torn meniscus, among other complications that include arthritis, disc degeneration and herniations, fractured spine, torn rotator cuff, damaged wrists, bone spurs, and a hip replacement.

“With all those issues, I thought stem cell therapy with BioXcellerator could help,” he says. “I work with pro wrestlers and UFC fighters. I knew they were getting similar treatment with great results. Believe me, I grilled the doctors here up and down and they had answers to my questions and data to back it up.”

Treatment with high-potency cells

Dr. Hightower says that the results he experienced from treatment were quick and expects continuing improvement.

“The night after treatment, I probably slept more than I’ve slept in 15 years,” he says. “There was a feeling like a soothing sensation that went through my body and though my joints. It felt almost euphoric for the whole 24 hours after.” 

As BioXcellerator CEO Eric Stoffers points out, “Not all cells are alike. We’ve developed a proprietary protocol to provide treatment with cells that have the highest possible healing potential."

He explains that based on research, a specific type of cell – mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from the Wharton’s Jelly in donated umbilical cords are known for their healing potential. The company’s protocol includes carefully screening these cells for properties that indicate the highest potential to stimulate healing, and then culturing and expanding only those cells for treatment.

“An exceptional health and wellness vacation experience I’ll always remember.” 

“I came to BioXcellerator to decrease inflammation and heal other damage, but the experience itself is the highest quality,” Dr. Hightower says.

“To get to the clinic you literally walk from the hotel, into the mall and into the medical tower – so it’s a seamless experience,” he adds. “The city, the amazing food, the ‘eternal spring’ climate, the fascinating tours, and the concierge-style service was an exceptional health and wellness vacation experience I’ll always remember.” 

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