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High-Potency Stem Cells Offer Hope to Those With Severe Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Rethink surgery for back disorders:

Stem cells can alleviate neck and back pain plus heal damaged discs – no medication or surgery required

“The 24/7 pain I once had was gone.”

Kevin Nash said 2 months after stem cell therapy for shoulder and back pain

A healthy spine must be strong enough to support your entire body, yet flexible enough to allow you to move your limbs. That’s why your spine isn’t just one bone, but an intricately designed set of smaller bones called vertebrae — each separated by a disc of cartilage.

These discs cushion each vertebra, so they don’t grind against each other and cause pain. When degenerative disc disorders set in, however, these “cushions” wear out. But patients can now take advantage of advanced stem cell therapy that can:

  • Heal disc tissue and reduce inflammation

  • Alleviate chronic pain

  • Restore flexibility and range of motion

While surgery and medications may be treatment options, surgical procedures can be risky – and many patients cannot tolerate the side effects of many medications.

That’s why more patients choose stem cell therapy – a procedure that takes advantage of the body’s natural healing processes. Discover how stem cell therapy can help you heal more quickly and enjoy a more active lifestyle – with less pain.

Advanced stem cell treatments can help

  • Heal herniated discs

  • Decompress bulging discs

  • Regenerate cartilage to ease painful bone on bone pressure

  • Treat degenerative disc disease

  • Neck pain and degeneration

  • Lower back (lumbar) injuries and pain

  • Spinal stenosis

  • Spinal cord injuries

Stem cells as a new treatment option:

More healing potential, with less risk and no side effects

Another remarkable aspect of the human body is that it actually knows how to heal itself, which is why the latest advancements in stem cell therapy offers hope to more patients to relieve pain without the need for surgery or medications that can lead to serious side effects.

Because stem cells that come from your bone marrow have the potential to become any type of cell, the body turns those stem cells into specific cells needed to heal various tissues. If you burn your skin, for example, stem cells are turned into new skin cells. If you’ve injured a muscle, your body uses stem cells to regenerate muscle tissue. And as discs deteriorate, your body can use stem cells to create new disc tissue to rehydrate those discs and return them to a normal shape – easing pain and inflammation.

Unfortunately, stem cell production begins to decline as we age. But with an infusion of millions of fresh new stem cells, the body can use those cells to quickly stimulate healing – without the need to go under the knife or risk serious side effects from steroids or the consequences of using addictive pain killers.

At BioXcellerator, we treat many patients for conditions like these – with exceptional results often within days and even more ongoing improvement in the months and years following treatment.

For example, we treated Super Bowl Champion Mark May who told us that he noticed improvement in just one day.

“I feel better. My neck feels a lot better — and that’s only after 24 hours,” Mark said . “I’m shockingly surprised about how well it’s gone so far.”

He also said that the first night after his treatment, “it was the first night I slept in one place in many years.”

And army veteran and WWF Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, let us know that his stem cell therapy was a “life-changing experience.” He said that he’s suffered from chronic pain for many years but the very day after treatment said that when he was walking, “I probably passed 300 people. It’s the fastest I’ve probably walked since I was 30 – and that was 30 years ago.”

Not only that, but he also reported that two months after stem cell therapy, “the 24/7 pain I once had was gone.”

All stem cells are not alike:

These are only a few examples of the exceptional results stem cells can offer patients with disorders and injuries in the back and the neck. But it’s important to realize that the stem cells that various clinics offer can vary widely in quantity and potency.

Our research team has developed a proprietary protocol for harvesting and culturing only the most potent stem cells possible. Starting with a specific type of stem cell – mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from donated umbilical cords, we then test these cells for specific properties that indicate the highest potential to reduce inflammation and stimulate healing. Then those cells are cultured and expanded into formulations of millions of high-potency stem cells – for infusion into patients during treatment.

Consider stem cell therapy for alleviating chronic pain, improved health, and a better life.

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